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2010. Предизвикателства пред Висшето образование и научните изследвания в условията на криза. Том 2 >

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Заглавие: TSST платформа за електронно обучение и споделяне на знания и материали в електронен формат
Други Заглавия: TSST platform for e-learning and sharing of knowledge and materials in electronic format
Автори: Monova-Zheleva, Mariya
Zhelev, Yanislav
Minchev, Dimitar
Ключови Думи: Lifelong Learning
On-the-Job Training
Дата на Публикуване: 2010
Издател: Burgas Free University, 62, San Stefano Str., 8001 Burgas, Bulgaria
Цитиране: International research conference, “Challenges to Higher Education and Research in the Global Economic Crisis”, Burgas, 25 - 26 June 2010
Серия/Отчет но.: BFU_MK_2010_TOM_III;str-100
Резюме: Today, the profound analysis and correct understanding of the informational content and the adequate putting into practice of the acquired knowledge and skills are basic premises for finding optimal solutions concerning the personal realization and lifestyle as well as for the stable development and management of entire societies and global economics. The current paper presents a lifelong learning platform promoting a new culture of learning based on personalized and self-controlled acquisition of key skills, knowledge and professional competences with respect to the safety and security in tourism services. The e-platform development is co-financed by the EU in the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation multilateral project "Training Safety and Security in Tourism". The project aims, objectives and the partnership are briefly described in this paper. The main architectural modules of the platform as well as the services and functionality are presented too.
Описание: International research conference 2010
URI: http://research.bfu.bg:8080/jspui/handle/123456789/176
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