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2010. Предизвикателства пред Висшето образование и научните изследвания в условията на криза. Том 2 >

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Заглавие: The bayesian receiver operating characteristic curve – an effective approach to evaluate the IDS performance
Автори: Nikolova, Evgeniya
Jecheva, Veselina
Ключови Думи: database
www programming
JDBC database connections
Дата на Публикуване: 2010
Издател: Burgas Free University, 62, San Stefano Str., 8001 Burgas, Bulgaria
Цитиране: International research conference, “Challenges to Higher Education and Research in the Global Economic Crisis”, Burgas, 25 - 26 June 2010
Серия/Отчет но.: BFU_MK_2010_TOM_III;str-248
Резюме: The aim of intrusion detection systems is to protect the computer networks from attacks or unauthorized access to their valuable resources. For that purpose they have to perform real-time processing of current system activity and make a decision whether the pattern is normal or intrusive. The present paper is an extension to our previous work, which presented an anomaly-based IDS model, based on some decoding algorithms. It introduces the evaluation of the proposed methodology, using the Bayesian Receiver Operating Characteristics Curve.
Описание: International research conference 2010
URI: http://research.bfu.bg:8080/jspui/handle/123456789/205
ISBN: 978-954-9370-72-0
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