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Заглавие: Визуални изразни форми, създаващи силни информационни ударения в телевизионния репортаж ( метафори, алегории, художествени сравнения, символи)
Други Заглавия: Visual expression forms, creating strong information emphases in the tv reporting (metaphors, allegories, artistic comparisons, symbols)
Автори: Петров, Росен
Ключови Думи: metaphor
artistic comparisons
TV aesthetics
visual accents
information emphases
visual forms
Issue Date: 2015
Издател: Бургаски свободен университет, 8000 Бургас, бул. "Сан Стефано" №62
Цитиране: https://www.bfu.bg/uploads/pages/spisanie-br1-2015g.pdf
Серия/Отчет но.: Брой 1;с. 20-27
Резюме: The article looks into the methods and approaches connected with the visual expression forms, which create strong information emphases in the structure of the TV reportage. How these information emphases impact the recipients and make the visual material emotional and memorable and give opportunities for reflection and reasoning? The screen language of the metaphors, allegories, artistic comparisons and symbols enrich the content of the visual information and make it moredramatic. That’s how the facts and concepts do not sound pointless, but are filled with aesthetic elements which create impact on the TV spectators.
URI: http://research.bfu.bg:8080/jspui/handle/123456789/725
ISSN: 1313-9924
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