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Заглавие: The Impact of New Technology and Innovation on the Courier and Local Delivery Services
Автори: Krastev, Kristian
Ключови Думи: innovation
courier services
Дата на Публикуване: 11-Сеп-2017
Резюме: This publication is dedicated to the impact of new technologies and innovation on courier & local delivery services. The topic is relevant as it studies the changes that occur as a result of the deregulation of the European markets and the increasing worldwide competition in the supply of courier services as well as the increased demand for specific services. The publication examines the most important technologies, which have major impact directly on the processes and the delivery industry business model. The publication offers an evaluation of the effectiveness of the key technologies and innovations implemented in the management of courier services. A classification of effects which technology has over the efficiency and management of courier services is created based on theoretical models and the existing business practices. The main thesis of the publication highlights the positive impact of new technologies on courier services although certain groups of users experience difficulties using them. The thesis is supported by a detailed description of the impact of technology on the business process finally concluding that the success in courier service industry is highly dependent on the adjustment of technology to the needs and specific requirements of both suppliers and customers. Technology has positive impact on the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the couriers & local delivery services in themselves and also in synergy.
URI: http://research.bfu.bg:8080/jspui/handle/123456789/789
ISSN: 1312 - 6016 (Print)
2367 - 9247 (Online)
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